For Those With Multiple Licenses: How To Copy Settings (Mainly RULES)?

Hey Guys!

So, I have eMClient running on a Macbook Pro and a Mac Studio, two licenses total.

I just sat here and spent a great deal of time setting up a wealth of RULES for designated email addresses to be copied into specified folders. Took me a long time to set this all up.

(Rules are created LOCAL instead of server. Server option limits accounts of folders I can use)

So, now I am looking at my second computer with eMClient. I am not looking forward to repeating the entire process again.

Is there a way to copy the RULES from one computer to another?

The easiest thing I could do, it seems, is to delete eMClient from the destination computer and then reinstall, using the QR code from the source computer to copy over the rules and other settings. However, at the same time, that seems a bit extreme.

Ultimately wouldn’t it be cool to have a sync feature that does all this from two connected licensed copies? Don’t know if that is possible.

In the meantime, what would be the easiest method you would suggest to copy over my rules to my second copy of eMClient?

Thanks as always!

miércoles 24 mayo 2023 :: 1638hrs (UTC +0100)

Run eMC Backup on computer (A) with the Rules you have created then copy this Backup up file to the other computer (B) and run Restore this will duplicate the eMC setup and all local files to computer (B)
This assumes it is OK for you to transfer (A) to (B) as everything on (B) will be overwritten.


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That did it. Thank You. Easy Peasy!