For the last two days my emails have not been syncing with my Outlook Malil account.

When I open eM Client it doesn’t sync with Outlook. I’ve tried another desktop client with the same result. I’ve contacted Outlook support and they say the problem is with eM Client.

Hi David. Could you disable your anti-virus and firewall and try again?

Hi Gary, thanks for your quick and helpful reply. I did as you suggested and it worked! I have been running Kaspersky and eM Client for a couple of years, and never had a problem. I don’t know why it should happen now, but thanks for your assistance.


Glad that works. If you want to enable Kaspersky again you might need to enable some ports so that eM Client can continue to work.

I am not a Kaspersky user, but this should be of some help:

Thanks again Gary. After my last post I enabled the anti-virus again, and eM Client is still working. I guess it must have been a temporary glitch.