Font used in compose and in sugnature

I can compose an email using, and set as default, Open Sans 11, but do not have this same size font available when creating a signature.

Why is this?

Hi, font 11 is currently possible in signatures only by using HTML.

But there is workaround when you set font in Tools - Settings - Mail - Compose, preferred style “11pt” font then that setting will be preserved into Signature editor, but you must not alter its font size settings.


I have the default compose font set to Open Sans 11 in the settings, but the font used for the signature remains Open Sans 10. Doing a “Select All” in the editor won’t work since the message and signature editors do not allow for using Open Sans 11.

Odd this size font is available in the settings, but not in the editor, which means you have to use a font size 8, 10, 12, etc… or live with the message and signature being a different size.


we plan to implement it in the future, but because size 11 is not standard HTML size it will take a time as it is not top priority at this moment.
Unfortunately I cant provide any other help than that workaround.


Thanks for the update Jan…


you are welcome