font size too large

hi, if i click tools > settings the font size is too large for the options to be visible since upgrading to the latest version
so say for example I go to tools>settings>mail>read
i can’t see options like 'Use preferred font for fixed-width plain text messages"
because the text is too large and doesn’t all fit into the settings window although i can see them fine on a different pc.
Also the email subjects and email folder titles are really large !
Any ideas ?
Windows XP - windows font scaling is at 100%, changing the windows font sizes doesn’t do anything- i can change the fonts within tools>settings but this only changes the email text, not the subjects etc.
many thanks

^bump^ anyone ?? :slight_smile:

It seems that you are using some special font in Windows. Please change Message box font size to 8 and let me know if it helps.

I am re-launching this post since I have the same problem after I entered my licence key today. The font on message in my inbox is too large, and nothing happens when I change it in Tools | Options | E-mail. FYI, I use Tahoma 9 point font.

Hello Christian,
could you please provide your own screenshots and include the version of your OS and eM Client? (Help>About section)
The problem will most likely be of a different nature than this one from 3 years ago and it’d be useful to see the exact issue.


It is about the font size . This just started to happen it was working fine, (Using current version) As you could see in the image the font size is too large, cuts off text but is set to font size 9. This happens even if restarting. I ve changed the font size , from 9, and it has almost no effect but never gets smaller. The size may say 9, for example, then the size on the screen is not 9. You go to change it again and open the font popup and expect the size highlighted to be 9 and yet the size selected is 28, not 12 or 9 or 8 or 6. There is always a disconnect. Any ideas of what may be wrong? As anyone seen this?

Hello Sean,

This is strange as eM Client should adjust the windows automatically. Which version do you have (Menu > Help > About)? 
I’d also recommend reinstalling eM Client.


7.2 3406.2 - I do understand reinstalling but would prefer not to. (I do have reasons)

Hello Sean,

If you create a backup file (Menu > File > Backup) prior to the reinstall, then you don’t need to be worried about your data. Install please the newest version from a LINK.


Older version? Ok, i installed it. It has changed it back.

When do i update? And what version do you recommend?