Font Selection Issues

I’ve been using eM for many years.
I use a Mac.
In general I like it, but there is one thing that really annoys me.

I often copy & paste text from a received email into my email body.
That then changes the font from my default to the font used in the received email.
That’s probably not a bug or something easily fixed but …

Would it be possible to make the drop down list of fonts searchable.
i.e. When one starts typing, it starts searching for the font name automatically.
… as opposed to having to scroll down through what seems like 100s of fonts.

Also the font size seems a bit sticky.
e.g. Having scrolled down to select the default font, the selected font size is not always what you get when you start typing… so I find I have to select a different size, close, open re-select the default size…

or… a suggestion: Add a button to the drop down with the text “Rest to Default” on it.