Fonked Fonts

Unable to change Compose messages to Monotype Corsiva, 14pt, style=Italic.
Wont Save The change is still recorded when I re-enter the Settings but it doesn’t change anything when composing a new email which is still Tahoma.
Using latest version.

It works without any problems on my PC - could you please post here a screenshot of the “Compose” tab in Settings? Thank you.

I don’t think the “Apply” is Applying?

Are you using any templates?

I’m sorry but as I’m totally ignorant as to what you mean by “templates” I suspect the answer is “No”. Any chance of a reinstall/repair?

Open Tools - Settings - Mail - Templates and Signatures - Mail templates … and let me know if there is a template. Thank you.

Edit: One additional question: Did you try to set another Font? e.g. Times New Roman?

Thank you George. You have solved a “problem” that was obviously of my own creation. Appreciate your time and effort. Regards to you and your team.