Following setup given on WEB site, password NOT requested & enter a closed loop

Using latest version of WIN 10 on 1 year old Dell laptop. Following instructions on…; 1. On Screen #4 the “NEXT” is replaced by “FINISH” 2. Screen #5 is same, except password is not requested.  Without having asked for the password the process continues to Screen #6.  A small pop-up box appears: “Password required for [email protected]” (that is me).  In smaller letters there are words to the effect that the process will take a while & be patient, but the system is locked due to lack of password. Rather than following the procedure shown above, if I import all from previous installation of Thunderbird, password and login information is correctly loaded and email and contacts work correctly, but cannot connect to my calendar except by sharing via iCal.  Have also imported “All” from Microsoft Office 2010 installation, but GMail password and settings are not correctly imported.

In your browser, make sure you are logged out of the GMail account, then try again.

You can also install a different browser, set that as the default in Windows, then try again.