Follow Up Flag not transferred over IMAP - BUG

When I flag/unflag a message (Actions>Follow Up) in either of my gmail or MS exchange accounts, it doesn’t show up back on the server.

Do flags just not translate from eM Client back to the server for IMAP accounts?

If so, I can’t use your program. I certainly hope not, as it looks great. Spent 2 days coding a windows script to give me gmail-like hotkeys in it too.

BTW, same happens in reverse – if I flag something on gmail, it doesn’t show up on eM Client.

Flags are a really basic function of email, like marking read or unread, so I think this is a pretty big bug.

Issue most REPEATABLE WITH EXCHANGE IMAP ACCOUNT - With other email clients, flags transfer back and forth no matter where state was changed. Only with this email client are state changes originating in either exchange server or em Client not transferring.

I tested flag synchronization with gmail. Synchronization eM Client---->gmail works alright. When I flag message in eM Client after refresh (F5) flag displays on gmail .
Synchronization gmail ----> eM Client works only if you restart eM Client. Gmail is responsible for this bug because it doesn’t send notification about changed flag. It works after restart because while starting eM Client refreshes all flags. Thunderbird worked exactly the same.

For dealing with problem while using MS Exchange we need you to send us communication logs.
To do that, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and enable IMAP logs.
  2. Try to simulate the issue.
  3. Restart eM Client.
  4. Go again to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and Send us the logs.

I am having same problem, but Im not using MS Exchange.
I have an email account which I sometimes check using Roundcube webmail client, and when I flag with Roundcube, I dont get the flags on em client.
Sad, thats the only reason keeping me from buying em, hope it solves soon.

Please, send us the logs following instructions my colleague Milos wrote above together with reference to this topic and we will analyze the problem.

Sorry, I just noticed the problem is not with flags, but with some emails (which had flags, by the way) that disappeared completely.Please look at the new post I made with this problem.…
It might be a coincidence, but this happened the very same day I activated the free license. Before that, I was in trial.

Yes, I am looking into it, I try to simulate the issue. But IMAP logs of your situation will help us: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and enable IMAP logs, restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue (click Send and receive), go again to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and Send us the logs with reference to this topic.

ok, logs sent.thanks.