Follow system theme


It would be great if eM Client would (optionally) follow the dark/light theme of the OS.
On macOS (and Windows), it is possible to set the theme according to sunrise/sunset, and it would be nice it eM Client would follow along.


I can’t believe this is the only request for this feature that I could find.

I currently work from home and have a window right behind my screen, so at daytime, I switch my windows to light mode and most of the themable apps follow, like chrome, countless websites in it, and many more. I wish emclient would have this functionality too, because other than that its refreshingly good compared to all the alternative email clients I’ve tried so far.
I’d be even willing to pay for the Pro license for this.

I know it’s probably not the most trivial thing to implement, but please consider it. Thanks.

The feature is already in the beta for the upcoming eM Client 9 :grin:

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