Folders with messages showing in both gmail and outlook 365 do not appear under folder list in em client

I generally use my Outlook 365 and gmail as a file cabinet  for mail items that I want to save.  I have recently started using em client and am generally very happy with it, especially being able to have all contacts and calendar items available in one place.  This is much better than using the Outlook as all contacts and calendars are in gmail.  However, I noticed that certain of the folders that I established back in the Outlook 365 days sometimes show only some or none of the filed messages that I have saved while other folders seem to have all items saved.  I do not use any gmail categories.  Is there something that I am missing in setting up things in em client?  Not too long ago, I renamed a number of the folders.  I believe that I did it directly in gmail or in Outlook.

It may be that the local cache is corrupted. You can right-click on the problem folder and choose Properties > Repair. That will delete the local cache and reload the headers from the server.

If that doesn’t work, a more aggressive approach is to remove the account from eM Client, then re-add it. That will do a complete re-sync of the account.

Thanks for the input.  The repair option did not work so I had to remove my gmail account from em client and re-add.  That worked just fine and it seems as though I have all those previously missing messages available again for viewing.  Thanks a gain for fine customer support.