folders usage

recently started using eM Client from Outlook  and apart from a few drawbacks that I am trying to live with (limited Calendar views, which email is opened next after deletion etc) my biggest gripe is with Folders, am finding is time consuming to utilise.
in short a shortcut for moving to particular folders would be the most useful (but this request is at least 4 years old). eM does remember the last folder used so that makes it easier, unless of course if you use drag n drop then it doesn’t remember.
Having been a heavy user of folders with Outlook, and migrated them all over, it is exasperating the manual work involved in maintaining this workflow.

what have others done?
I have thought about using rules so that emails go automatically to appropriate folder (time consuming to set up tho), then use the Unread Smart Folder to find them. Except if you reply to the email it goes to Sent so I would need to set up all the Rules for the sent folder too? In Outlook if you reply to an email that is in a particular folder then the reply is stored in that folder too - this would be useful in eM too, hint :slight_smile:

as others have said, pretty much a deal breaker for using eM this folder thing…

I use Rules extensively so hardly ever move an email manually. Maybe it takes a minute to set it up, but then you only do that once.

Sent items go to Sent; I think that is a pretty good idea. If you have either of the two conversation settings enabled, then sent items will show up in the message body of any emails you replied to. Easy enough to find with long threads. But if you want them moved, you will have to create a rule. Rules are not as sophisticated as in Thunderbird, where you can have a single rule apply to both incoming and outgoing emails, so you will have to set two separate rules. This is where it is going to take you a little time to setup, but then again, you will only need to do it once.

You know, I rarely utilize rules or folders,  I find searching a much more efficient manner of organization.  For recurring searches, I use search folders.  Just a matter of opinion, though.

I am sure I have said this before - search folders are underrated.

Completely agree.  Just different.

thanks for that feedback. appreciated.
I have conversations turned off cause w past experiences (outlook etc) the list view gets too messy, but I will have a test run and see, and look into combining that w rules.
hadn’t looked into search folders - in fact don’t know anything about em. had “assumed” it was just searching and storing results, not something I want to do every time I want to look at emails in a folder. Again, will look into that.

thanks. which is why I posted this Q. forums tend to collect problems/complaints but not so much  alternative ways of doing things.

Search folders are for storing search results, but they are dynamic.  That is they change if the underlying data changes.  As a result, they are much like rules.  As Gary commented, they are under appreciated, probably just because they are different than what other clients do.