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I have a lot of folders where I store my Mail on various topics. I’ve just upgraded to v8 and am finding the wide spacing between each of the folders in the list very inconvenient, as many of them are off the bottom of the page and I have to scroll down to find them. Could there be an option to minimise the spacing and/or reduce the font size? I have just under 40 folders, including Inbox etc., and all would just about display on the page if it wasn’t for the spaces.

Menu > Settings > Appearance > Lists.

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Thanks, that one’s solved.
The “More” button opens my list of folders. but I have to click on it in v8. If I move a file to hover over “More” should it automatically open the folder list?

If I understood you correctly, you could right-click the file and click MOVE… and select the folder…

I want to drag an email in my Inbox to the “More” folder, which will then expand to show my personal folders, in one of which I want to file the email. I used to be able to do this in v7, but wasn’t “More” then called “Personal Folders”?

I got it… perhaps if and when the developers peek in these forums, they will consider adding that capability back in.

The More folder simply contains a list of the folders which have the hide status (right-click one of them and you can choose ‘show’, show if unread. or .‘hide’) if you want them to appear in the main list vthen set the status to show. If that produces a list which is too long then create a ‘Personal Folders’ and move all the hidden folders into it and set them to show. If you hover over Personal Folders it will expand.

[Using EMC v8.0.3385]

Thanks, very helpful. My Personal Folder folders were moved into Hide when I upgraded from v7 to v8, and I lost the Personal Folder altogether.

@Nicholas Yes that’s right.

In fact the ‘More’ bucket which is driven by the ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ folder flag was there in v7 too. It’s just that (a) it was undocumented (in v7 the help system barely documented v6) and (b) everything was set to ‘Show’. Hence ‘More’ never cropped up.

As you note, the upgrade to v8 changed the flag on every custom folder from ‘Show’ to ‘Hide’ - though we weren’t expecting it and many, like me, we initially worried where our data had gone! :sob:

It’s a neat feature to have - I now have some of my folders always shown and some always hidden and one can even have folders set to show only if they contain unread mail - choose ‘Show if unread’.