Folders not updating from gmail

All the mail in my folders are now empty and won’t update from gmail. I click refresh but they don’t update at all.

What has happened?

If your Internet connection is working ok and you have already tried closing and reopening eM Client, then could be your Gmail IMAP account mail in eM Client has gone out of sync with your online Gmail account.

So try “right clicking on All Mail” folder under your Gmail account and click Properties at the bottom. Then click the Repair tab at the top and repair.

The repair can take a little time depending on the size of your mailbox.

If that still doesn’t work, reboot your PC. Failing that go to Menu / Accounts and “remove and readd” your Gmail account as you might have some problem locally with your account.

Note: Before removing your Account backup eM Client via Menu / Backup

If still not mail and not synching and no error messages, if you have any optional Antivirus programs, optionally Firewall / Security programs or VPNs etc try disabling those to test if blocking.

Repair worked.


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