folders not synchronizing

I am using eM Client for a google email account.  My inbox appears to synchronize properly, but some of my other folders do not contain all the messages that should be in the folders.  I can see all my messages in my google account if I look at them with googles web based email tool, but some of my messages do not appear in eM Client.  If I move a new message from within eM client to one of my folders, then those messages appear properly.  Perhaps the messages not appearing are messages I moved from within the google web tool.  These are not local folders, but simply folders from within my gmail account.  I am not sure what these folders are called, but they are similar to the sent and spam folders, except they are personal folders I made myself to organize my mail.  I have IMAP “download messages for offline use” checkbox selected.  That didn’t fix it.  And I am not receiving any error messages.  The log files says that these folders synchronized.  Please advise on how to fix this problem.

In the gmail web app, go to settings and then labels.  Ensure that for the folders you created, “Show in IMAP” is checked.

Yes they are checked.

Does anyone else have any other suggestions to fix my problem?  Is there any way to get support from eMail Client for this problem if I am using the free version?