Folders for IMAP account suddenly vanish

We use Yahoo small business emails and mine, as well as others, folders have vanished from eM Client completely. They still exist on the server, but do not appear in eM Client anymore, despite the fact they have been there ever since we started using eM Client. I cannot find settings in either eM Client itself or on the Yahoo mail page for the accounts to remedy this. We do not have another mail option currently as we used to use Windows Live Mail and it no longer even exists and the Windows 8/10 Mail app is unacceptable. We want to keep using eM Client. Please Help.

Upon further research I found Yahoo appears to be having a lot of IMAP and POP issues for people with other mail clients as well where people are having login problems and issues receiving mail to 3rd party programs, so I assume what’s causing those issues is basically the source of our own problems with folders vanishing. Hopefully it will blow over and our folders will come back. Till then we are stuck using the Website to access those folders.

I figured out this morning that if I make a new folder in webmail and move all of the messages from the old folder to the new folder, then they appear on eM Client in the new folder.  

I don’t know why the older folders won’t synch, when they were made in eM Client in the first place, but at least this is a work around.

I went to downdetector just a few minutes ago and changing the imap server from to was a solution suggested numerous times in the comments there, so I tried it.

I changed my own and all my folders are now visible through eM Client again no problem. Went around to everyone’s computer and changed them all immediately haha. This may have to be changed back in the future I imagine but at least its a easy fix. Guess things at Yahoo are mostly resolved but minor issues are still in effect.

I just thank the Lord it’s all on Yahoo’s end and not eM Client failing in some way. We only implemented it about 4 months ago under my recommendation and I would hate for it to have failed in such a frustrating way so soon haha.