Folders are not showing up upon sync

Hello - probably a simple question, but when I set up my imap with em client, it doesn’t sync or go get the folders with emails on them that are on the server. Outlook, mail, etc…they do, so it must be a setting. Thanks

Who’s your mail provider? Does eM give any error message when you try to sync?

Hi…it is a domain held at go

oh and no error…I am sending and receiving fine…I have folders under the inbox with emails in them…they show up in mail, outlook etc…just not when I use em

So eM does not give any error message but doesn’t retrieve e-mail at the same time correct? Mind to post a screenshot of your e-mail account setup in eM Client?

we fixed some issues with GoDaddy to the new major version of 3.5. Beta version 2 of it (…) is available at… . Please, try it and if it doesn’t work we would appreciate if you send us IMAP logs: go to menu Tools->Settings->Logging and check IMAP. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us the logs (with reference to this topic) using the same logging settings window.