Folder with subfolders and "Show if unread" option select

Hi, I have version 7 and I select the option “Show if unread” to a folder with subfolders inside. Then, when I receipt and new mail that it goes to a subfolder via a rule match nothing happens. 
I hope that the root folder is displayed in the Local Folder or subfolder is displayed in Local Folder also, so, is a bug ? how do I for a subfolder appears when the root folder option “Show if unread” is selected ?

Thanks, Bernardo.

This is a long time wish on my side too. Guess it is not possible right now.

Additonally it should be possible that any unread mails in subfolders should promote their unread mail counter to the folders above.

Hi Mike, it’s curious because obviously there is a logic behind these matters… for example, a subfolder can not select the option “Show if unread”, ie someone thought that this option should only be available for a root folder… just need to work !!!

For the unread counter  I open a topic yesterday here.

Cheers, Bernardo.