Folder Properties "Offline" and "Repair" in v7?

In eMC version 6, one could right click on a folder, select Properties, and see a menu with four tabs, which included “Offline” and “Repair.”  In version 7, the two tabs named seem to have been removed.  I wonder, what is the implication?

I know the Offline options are available in the IMAP tab of each account in the Accounts menu, but these options apply to the entire account, all folders.

Could someone explain why this was changed, and again, what the implications are for users, especially those who used to set the Offline options for individual folders?


I want to know also please

This query was posted two months ago.  A reply would be appreciated.

the Offline tab is only present for IMAP accounts that do not have the Offline option for full account set.

The exception now are Gmail accounts because of the improved support of the Gmail labels.
We now use the same Folder format as Gmail, where all messages are located in only 3 REAL folders - All Mail, Trash and SPAM.
Other messages are viewed thanks to the labels.
These 3 folders still have the Offline and Repair tabs.