Folder names in Smart Folders group of Polish language version.

would it be possible to change default names of some folders in the Smart Folders group (Foldery globalne)?
“All Inboxes” folder could have a Polish name: Wszystkie skrzynki odbiorcze.
“Outbox” - Skrzynka nadawcza
“Sent” - Wysłane
“Trash” - Usunięte
“Drafts” - Wersje robocze
“Junk E-mail” - Wiadomości-śmieci
“n” - Zaznaczone

It seems, that Local Folders (Foldery lokalne) have just proper names.

Thank you.


this is matter of translation and because we have noone now to updated Polish translation we can offer you 10 pro licenses for Polish translation update (not only these folders but everything that is not translated or is but not correctly).

if you agree please contact me on: together with this URL:…

and I will send you instructions plus tutorial how to do it, so you can check if you will be able to do it.