Folder errors with Plusnet mail account

I have recently added my Plusnet e-mail account to emClient together with account.

Both accounts are generally working well and both send and receive mail satisfactorily.

A problem does exist, however, with the Plusnet mail account. Every time I open emClient it connects OK with Plusnet but gives the warnings as shown in the attached screenshots.

I can close the error screen with either hide or ignore and then proceed normally - but this approach is getting a bit tedious to keep doing it every time.

Please can anybody help me out with how to correct this problem?

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It appears you have a “Junk” sub folder of your Trash folder on your server according to that error and sounds like eM Client cannot sync that locally till that’s resolved.

Is that junk folder meant to be there ?. If it’s not try deleting it online via your webmail from the trash and then close and reopen eM Client & click refresh.

Or if you can’t delete that junk folder in the trash online (as it has to be there or meant to be there), Is there anything in that Junk folder. Try deleting anything in that junk folder online and then close and reopen eM Client & click refresh.

Thanks cyberzork - it is fixed !!

I expanded a ‘more’ arrow in the left hand pane of my main emClient window which revealed a folder named Trash alongside an exclamation mark in a red triangle.

I deleted that folder as you advised and then on closing and reopening emClient the error warning has not re-appeared.

Many thanks for helping me - very much appreciated.


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