folder diffrence

I am new to em client just came over from thunderbird. my question is, i know what smart folders are i understand that but what is the diffrence between local folders and i have folders under my account name (email address)

Smart folders collect your mails from all your account, so if you’re using just one account they’re mostly useless, but they can come in handy if you have more accounts.
Local folders are completely different since they only contain messages you download to your computer and generally contain data that’s stored locally.

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Alright thank you for that reply and that answers part of my question but besides the smart folders and local folders i have folders under my account so i have smart folders then under that i have and folders then under that i have the local folders and wondering the difference between the local folders and the ones under my email account name. hope you understand what i am asking. 

Local folders are located on your computer and folders under your account are located online. Smart folders collect data from all your online folders.
So there’s now no difference between the smart folders and your account folders, since you’re using only one account.

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