"Focused" vs "Other" Inbox Filter

Some other email clients allow you to filter your Inbox based on algorithms that sort your mail between ‘Focused’ and ‘Other’ (e.g. Outlook, Edison (mobile), Spark (mobile) and probably others). I find this immensely useful to deal with what’s important first and then review the ‘Other’ later. As I understand the definitions used by most developers is ‘Focused’ is your important email as determined by some algorithm - I’m guessing primarily based on the fact of whether or not it is promotional, marketing or subscription type emails which would normally go to ‘Other’. The algorithm is no doubt more complicated but I like it in Outlook and Edison mail. With all of these you have the option to ‘teach’ the software what you consider ‘Focused’ vs ‘Other’ by changing the assignment on any email you wish if the default is not to your liking.

Yes I see alot of peeps nowadays use Focused view on mobile & desktop email apps. Some say works good, but others don’t have good results.

I personally found mobile apps with Focused enabled like eg: Outlook droid app & Win 10 mail app, most of my email was ending up in Other rather than Focused and I was allways then dragging / moving messages back to the Focused. I don’t think their algorithm is very good and found it very annoying. So eventually disabled Focused altogether. Also the Win 10 mail app kept re-enabling Focus and forcing it again on me everytime it updated a new version. So had to keep turning it off which again was annoying.

So suggest to eM Client developers if you do add a Focused option for the desktop or mobile down the track, (don’t enable it automatically by default) as It’s a bit of a shock when it happens and you’re used to a normal inbox. Have as an option to enable it in Setting like Conversation view.

We are considering something like this for version 10.

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We would definitely use this. We recently moved away from Outlook and MS365 for mail, and is the Outlook feature we miss the most.