Focus mode: only sync a single mailbox (temporarily)

I work for multiple companies and organizations. That’s why I have 10 mailboxes set up in Em Client. Compatibility is great here, and that is why I chose it after running both Outlook and Thunderbird for over 10 years.

To avoid distractions while working, I usually just turn off all email by simply closing Em Client. But sometimes, the work itself involves email. In such cases, it would be very useful to temporarily only sync a single account. I do want to know about new emails in ‘my current work’, but not anywhere else.

I understand that I could achieve this by and unchecking “Include when sending/receiving emails” on the 9 other mailboxes, but of course that’s very cumbersome. I could also close Em Client and use webmail, but that breaks my usual workflow.

So I thought I’d open a topic to see whether any other people have this same need. Does someone have an easier way to achieve what I want? If not, what would it look like to implement this in Em Client?

That only works for POP3 accounts.

Otherwise, the accounts work like you having multiple webmail tabs open in your browser. They are all connecting in real-time with servers. Unlike a web browser where you can just close the tab for a specific account, you can’t do that in eM Client because all accounts will be connected in realtime to the servers and will receive new messages as the server sends them to you.

About the only thing you can do is go to Menu > Accounts and untick the IMAP or Exchange Web Services option in the General tab for each account you want to ignore. The account will be hidden from you, just like closing the tab in a web browser. It will remain like that until you go back and retick that service.

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