focus lost in list, when defining columns. Result : no actions possible

I’ve noted one case scenario* where the focus is lost in the email list view, which prevent any action on the viewed mail (reading pane), like “Answer” for instance.

*the scenario is when I right-click in the column bar, select the define columns menu item. (changing or not doesn’t mater) Validate.
When the view is rebuild, the focus on the viewed mail in the list view is lost.
I can still see the mail (for reading) but any action on it produces no reaction.

How about, when no focus, disable the specific email actions ?

PS: the print action is, as far as I saw the only one displaying a message about selecting at least one email.

– David

Hi, are you able to replicate this issue every time?
What version of eM client are you currently using? Can you maybe make a screenshot of this issue?

Thank you,

I’m using the last free version.
The issue can be reproduced each time, the way I’ve already described.
Here again, with snapshots:

  1. “Normal” (with filtering, for anonymity) => Focus ok

  2. Redefine columns (=> Focus still ok)

  3. After validation : No focus, no actions will work
    (but mail still displaying…)

It’s not very important. I’m just reporting for improvement.
(still it’s a little confusing)

Hi again, I was able to replicate the issue, and I’ve reported the issue to the developers, so hopefully this will be resolved in future releases of eM Client.

Thank you for pointing this out to us, hope you can manage to use the current settings while we’ll be working on a solution,

EDIT: I’ve just been notified that the issue has been fixed, so next releases (6.0.20502+ ), should be working fine, so just keep your application up to date.