Flagging emails for future action

Is it possible to flag emails for action at some time in the future and have them appear in a To Do list along with the tasks for that day? It’s a feature I use quite often in Outlook, as a reminder to do something, rather than creating a specific task for it.

Flagged messages will not appear in the Task list, but they do appear at the top of the Agenda Sidebar.

Thanks, I see that. I wasn’t quite clear in the question - rather than just the flag being on or off for an email, is it possible to set a date (e.g. flag an email for follow up next Thursday, for example).

No, it’s just an on/off thing. You said you don’t want to create a specific task, but that option is there on right-click and Create task from message. That is the only way you will get a date associated with it.

That’s great, thanks! Exactly what I was looking for! It’s actually even tidier than having a mix of flagged emails and tasks in a To Do list.