Flagged items folder suddenly not working

em Client is today no longer showing flagged items for my Outlook account. If I log into the account online I can see the flagged items but they appear unflagged in the application.  I have tried rebuilding the Inbox but the emails downloaded still have no flags.

same issue

This is quite a big problem.
By flagging an exchange message, eM Client 7 incorrectly sets its “due date” timestamp (and possibly “start time” as well… not sure…)
The result:

  • Office365 (online client, in browser) shows message’s due date as “Monday, Jan 1, 1601”. That’s clearly an uninitialized timestamp!
  • Outlook 2016 (desktop client) stops listing the message any longer. It shows an empty entry in the task list

I use Outlook at work and eM7 at home. Whatever I flag at home disappears at work… That sucks :frowning:

Hello Marius,
is the account in eM Client set up as Exchange?
Does setting the flag on the server/in browser show correctly in eM Client and Outlook?


Hey Olivia,

Yes, the account is set as Exchange (email server is https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx)

Yes, flagging/unflagging a message in Browser will fix the problem. The message shows correctly everywhere (eM, Outlook, Web).

Flagging/unflagging a message with eM will mess the tasks up again. Outlook will show a list of empty entries (screenshot below), the web interface shows the due time as 01/01/1601 (screenshot below).

Technically, I think it’s only a matter of initializing the timestamps with empty values instead of zero…