Fixing corrupt database

I just ran into a corrupt database problem.   As a pro user, I first found that there is no phone support, and this company is not even in the United States.   One must file a support ticket, and God only knows when or if they answer them.   The knowledge base contains an answer that says to delete the database but nowhere does it say what to delete, how to find it, how to delete it.    On the free forum, I find that people post questions of this sort constantly, usually because their company needs to be able to access their email, and the posts are almost never answered and never with complete information.   

It shouldn’t have happened.  My computer froze with the database open, and then when I rebooted and tried to start eml I got a very instant popup saying the database was closed improperly, need to check for errors, failed, and then a string of errors.   And to fix it, I need to file a support ticket, before I can use my email again?  I hardly think so!

Already this is a pretty useless $50 program, I don’t think so!

I tried rebooting the computer in case the part where something else was using the program was the problem; it wasn’t.

Next I put all 30 or so files and 6 or so folders that aren’t distinctly former Windows Live mail stuff, or that I wasn’t sure, into a folder, restarted Em Client, which then opened and told me to set up my accounts.   I then pointed the storage folder to the place where I put the files and folders.   Emclient spent maybe an hour data checking, and then opened everything, the accounts intact, the email all there, in all five email accounts and the storage folders.   It even seems to have my contacts, which I never moved.   

I suggest frequent backups and also exporting mails, as the separate eml files are not stored as such, in case of catastrophe.  And believe me, I’m looking for a new client, and I’m going to contact every single reviewer of this program.   One of the reported his own database corruption issue and said it was a fluke!

If that all isn’t enough, another thing that bugs me is that em client first downloads all of my email onto its own servers, and often can’t communicate with the email providers’ servers.   They have no business even having our email.   If they go out of business this client we paid $50 for for lifetime use would be inaccessible.   

Please be aware that eM Client in no way has access to your email. They don’t provide storage facilities on their servers, no do they have access to your servers.

As has already been suggested to you, if you require assistance, open a support ticket. You will get fast and competent assistance.

Hello Dora,
I am sorry to hear you experienced trouble with your database files, but as a PRO user I do urge you to sort this out with our support - our team answers within the next 48 hours on workdays at the very latest, if your ticket is Urgent it will be answered much faster. Also, PRO support can help you restore your database over TeamViewer; this option is not available to Free users so that is why the common tip on the forum is to start over with a new database instead.
The Pro support has an online interface so you can access it even when your email isn’t working -

The knowledgebase is currently being re-worked, so unfortunately not all information is up to date at this time.

Also, as Gary correctly mentioned in his reply, eM Client does not have ANY access to your emails, we only store your contact email address (to get in touch with you) and information about your license. We definitely do not download any of your messages on our server. 


  1. This is from the email YOU SENT ME, admitting that you store our email on your server to download if we want to.         
                  “Also there are privacy settings in eM Client that allow the email to be viewed without
                    downloading any linked content. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail >

          And then, you just admitted it again!   

               " The Pro support has an online interface so you can access it even when your email isn’t
                 working -"     

            Do you ever think at all about what you say?

            And like most people I usually need to access previous emails, not just incoming.  And if I
            wanted to use webmail, why would I have spent $50 on an email client.

2.     The problem with inability to download email has not repeated since you wrote this missive, probably because you suddenly deigned to fix the underlying problem so you could lie that it doesn’t exist.    Or, atleast, it hadn’t repeated before I switched to a long time and known reliable email client yesterday.   

 3.   The function of an email client, is to provide users with DEPENDABLE, RELIABLE, ALWAYS THERE, access to their email - NOT to serve as your database engineering project!   You do NOT get to “individually research” our frequent inability to access our email.   Your forums and comments on reviews of EM Client are full of complaints that you never troubled to reply, let alone “individually research the problem”, or you replied, and said, well, if every time you update Windows or install another program or whatever your email database is corrupted, never mind that none of us have ever seen that happen with any OTHER email client, IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. 

 4.    Pro support can’t restore my database over teamviewer unless either; EM Client has my database on their server, or; I had a backup of my database, which I did not.   I hardly counted on the database to take less than three days after installation to become corrupt!   

Bye bye, EM Stupid!

Of course, I can’t demand my money back, because you have no office or legal address in the United States!   Which was the plan.   As far as I’m concerned, you owe me $50 for selling crapware that doesn’t do its job.   

I am sorry about your troubles Dora, but my experience with eMClient is werry good for the last 3 years !
The support is just perfect ! I always get an quick answer and solution.
Even with other Mail clients, it is always highly recommended to bakup the database…

And one more point, US is not the center of the world… why should they have an office in the US ?
Can you get a phone NR for microsoft Outlook ? I do not know any software company giving their phone NR… maybe your just new to the computer world…

I am not involved in any way with eMClient organisation, just a real happy customer !
Please excuse my english as it is not my mother language.

Hello Dora.

Some comments to clear up misunderstandings:

  1. This is referring to your own email server and the www. When you receive an email, what eM Client does is download only the header information from your email server. Then when you open the email it will download the content of the message from your email server. The privacy setting will restrict if any linked content, that is content from the www that is not included in the message body will download. This is no way has anything to do with eM Client’s servers, which are not accessible by users anyway.

The online support interface is a support ticketing system that has nothing to do with your email account, though copies of those communications are forward to your email address. It is the same as if you opened in your web browser. That has nothing to do with your email account. It would be ridiculous to suggest that is accessing your emails when you are on their site reviewing items that you have purchased. The same is true for eM Client’s online support system. You can access the support ticket and any replies from the staff through the interface even if you have no access to your email account. This is NOT your email account Inbox, as you will notice that you cannot access your other email through that interface. It is just eM Client’s history of your communication with them. Just like at

  1. eM Client Support has no access to the settings on your computer or email server. If they had a TeamViewer session with you, that is the only way they would have been able to change anything on your computer, and you would have been witness to it as it was happening.

  2. eM Client fulfils your definition by providing a reliable service to thousands of users. Sometimes an individual may experience some problem, and support staff are always willing to help them sort it out, but under the license conditions Pro Support is only available to Pro License holders. This forum is generally meant for Free License holders who are not entitled to Pro Support. But on the forum, which is a user supported forum and not an official eM Client support system, issues have been addressed and except where users have not replied, are usually resolved if another user is able to offer useful comments.

You can’t just make accusations and not support them with references. So can you please provide some links to these comments where eM Client staff have denied responsibility for problems with the application?

  1. I think you misunderstand what TeamViewer is. It is an application that allows a remote person access to your computer, like a remote keyboard and monitor. No data is transferred to them unless they request it and you allow it in that session. It may be that there was significant corruption in your database and that could not be corrected remotely. This would be the same with any application.

Refunds are not geographically restricted. If you do qualify for one, the transaction is simply reversed, or a credit made to your card. But if you really insist, eM Client does have an official address and office in San Francisco.

Bye Bye Dora.

I totally agree with you Stéphane. My experience with eM Client Support has always resulted in problems being resolved courteously and with little delay.