Fixed Em Client crashing

I’ve had lots of problems with EM Client freezing up and then I have to close it and then it takes an hour to rebuild the database. I posted 3 1/2 weeks ago asking about any tips on solving this with no suggestions. So I thought I’d try and fix it by trimming down my inbox and Sent box. 

It worked, I haven’t had a crash in 3 1/2 weeks and I was having one several times a week. I’m surprised I’ve not seen anyone post this info, since this was also a trick used in Live Mail. I did this by creating a subfolder under Inbox named old and put the older emails in that. This way when you do a search you can also search the subfolders and find what you’re looking for.

It’s possible my situation is somewhat unique, because I get lots of big attachment emails and send lots of attachments. Possibly that bogs down EM Client more. But regardless I thought I’d share some good news and a possibly solution for those in EM Client hell. I hope this helps someone.