FIXED Can send but not receive email

Hi! From yesterday (Mon 30/08/21) my emails have stopped arriving on my eM client (version 8.2.1473 (04b618f) ). I’ve been using eM for a long time and this had never happened.

I have checked all folders (trash, junk etc…) but I can’t find any new emails anywhere.

I have a secondary gmail account. I am able to send emails from my primary account (the one I use with eM) to my gmail account, but emails from my gmail account to my main account don’t arrive, and I don’t get an error/undelivered email message back on my gmail account.

eM diagnostics don’t show any errors.

My POP3 port is set to 995 with Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) as security policy.

My antivirus is Bitdefender and a full system scan shows no errors.

Can anyone help…?? Thanks!

Have you gone thru the log (Menu > Operations) for any errors or warning messages?

No errors or warnings- only connecting/connected/listing messages/deleting old messages/disconnected and so on, over and over

None similar to this?

4:11:03 PM 1and1 POP3 Downloading messages: From 1and1

The “1and1” would be the name of YOUR host

No, nothing about downloading messages… How do you mean, that the issue may be with my email provider?
I’ve contacted them but the support people won’t be there until tomorrow morning (Wed).

I too use POP3 and my log file contains the line I asked you about… it only displays in the log file if messages were downloaded.

Yes, the issue may be with your email provider.

If you log into your provider’s web site, do you see any messages that you did not receive?

No, that’s the thing. When I log on to my provider’s webmail, the last email I see is the last one that downloaded to eM yesterday. There’s no trace of anything after that, including the emails I sent from my gmail account. And I didn’t receive any undelivered email message etc for those.

Let us know what your email provider support has to say. Who is your mail provider? A URL please…

Meanwhile others may jump in here if they have any ideas…

martes 31 agosto 2021 :: 2331hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Melmoth71

I am confused, easy for me with language, about the accounts you have;
you mention ‘Primary’ & ‘Secondary’ also Gmail.
Are both accounts with Gmail and both in eMC or is one only as webmail?

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Thanks for your replies guys. Hola @skybat, I’m from VLC too :slightly_smiling_face:

My mail provider is Abel Internet, ABEL INTERNET. It’s a small UK company.

My Abel email (my main one) is on eM. I only use my Gmail account very rarely (not through eM, I go to the Gmail website). I used my Gmail account to test what’s going on with my Abel account. That’s how I found out that I can send emails from my Abel account (through eM) to my Gmail account, but I can’t receive them. I hope this is clear.

Will call the Abel support people tomorrow morning (they don’t have 24h support), hopefully they’ll be able to help… Thanks for your replies :pray:

Melmoth I don’t know in what country you are and who is your internet provider. I am in the Netherlands and my provider is KPN (local in the Netherlands). They changed settings in the internetmodem (and possibly in their servers too) yesterday, Since that moment I had the same problem. I couls still send messages but did no longer receive them. My e-mail account is a account and I used IMAP.
After a long day of trying every trick I found out that the problem is in eMclient, as a different mail-app could still connect (I tried Mozilla). The difference is in the way I could add my account in the app: in the latest versions of eMclient an account of gmail is added without password and gmail/google asks you to confirm that the connection is OK. Other mail-apps just use the general way of giving the password that is needed to connect to your mailbox, and it works fine.
So if your problem has the same cause … try it. The next problem is that changing your mail-app means that you still need eMclient to access the local folders (you use POP so everything is in local folders) and I didn’t find a way to move (export/import) these folders tot a different app.

SOLVED Hi guys, so I spoke to my email provider support this morning and I had stupidly left the ‘keep copy of email on server’ box ticked on eM. I had received a few large emails in the last few days so my mailbox was full and unable to accept more emails. I unticked the box and now the emails are arriving again. I hope I haven’t lost any important emails in the last couple of days! Thanks so much for all your help! :+1: :pray:


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Qué tal @Miguel

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I have just logged on and seen your post - That’s great.

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Wednesday 01 September 2021 :: 1143hrs (UTC +01:00)

Qué tal @RobK

To move/transfer emails go to:
Menu ->File ->Export

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Hablo principalmente español, portugués e inglés, también un conocimiento práctico de varios otros.

Llevo aqui 23 anyos @skybat :joy: El clima, bueno… Ya no puedo con el calor de Espanya :rofl: Un abrazo!

It is obious the way to move files and folders by export/import, but they have different formats in both apps so they are not exchangable. No solution for me.

eM Client will export messages as eml files. This is the standard message format, and should be imported into most applications.

Another option, as long as the folders are synced with your email provider like Gmail, is to simply add the same account in another application. That will sync everything without export/import.

I had a dozen of local folders containing some 700 messages. When I exported them from eM client a file was made that my new mail-app didn’t recognize. The original problem was that eM could no longer make contact with my gmail-mailbox and therefore I needed to move to a different app, it has nothing to do with different mail-accounts.
In between I hope a solution will be found to let my eM Client work again.

miércoles 01 septiembre 2021 :: 1356hrs (UTC +01:00)

Qué tal @RobK

First Item:

I know nothing of your computer its setup or your ISP, however, on my test laptop with eMC
installed with 3 Gmail accounts (1 POP3 & 2 IMAP) other accounts (1 Exchange, 2 IMAP & 2 POP3)
with both IPv4 & IPv6 configured.
I do not have any problems receiving emails, all my mail is sent via a dedicated SMTP server that is independent of the ISP for Gmail and the other 2 ISP’s in use.
Remember you will need to enable:
IPv6 in your LAN, [vEthernet (LAN), vEthernet (WiFi) both are a Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter]

Second Item:

If you have IMAP this will sync with your new client.
If you have a problem with email Export/Import you can use a 3rd party utility to overcome the issue.

It works very well we used it when upgrading from Eudora (10’s thousands with no errors)

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Hablo principalmente español, portugués e inglés, también un conocimiento práctico de varios otros.

That is not an export, but a backup.

Export creates individual eml files, one for each message.

A backup creates the backup zip file which is a compressed SQL database snapshot, and is not usable except by eM Client.