Fix the new v8 Calendar please

I posted this in another thread but want to seperate it out so it can be considered as a feature request for a future update.

A massive amount of wasted space is present where the “day indicators” are in month view. I raised this several weeks ago and it’s is still not fixed. Compare the old to the new on a smaller laptop 1366x768. Its totally unusable. Its form over function and has destroyed the calendar and therefore V8 for me so will never be able to use it sadly! If the white space was reduced and some more consideration was given to the positioning of the “more items” indicator then it would be a feature that is useful. Without it is just window dressing that has spoiled the goods inside:

Version 7

Version 8


Hey emClient staff. WHEN is this going to be fixed?

They do monitor the forum but usually don’t comment here, so if you want your question answered by eM Client staff you will need to open a support ticket with them.

But looking at @Paul23’s screenshot above:
The month calendar is displayed in a grid of 6 rows and that can’t be changed. How many events are displayed in each day block is dependent on the vertical screen resolution. On my laptop that is 1080 pixels, and so I see 5 events in a day.

Let me see. Based on previous attempts to ask emClient to fix poor features like this… I would estimate 10-12.


Did you open a support ticket?

No, I have the free version. V7 that is. I gave up on V8 months ago because of this and other issues that I know will not be fixed for many many years (if ever). :slight_smile:

but - if one puts it in as a “Suggestion” or “Feature request” you would hope that it would be looked at… eventually. I guess it just doesn’t affect hardly anyone else otherwise more people would have chimed in to the feature request and then perhaps emC would have sit up and listened a bit.

My comment about previous expereince is based on my following other issues and seeing that many issues have never really been properly addressed. I can offer no proof - it is just an impression I get.

I suppose you are right, maybe it did not affect hardly anyone else.

I have the same problem with v8 calender view. The calendar experience w/ v8 is not good right now. I hope it gets fixed soon.

I am also running 1920x1080 Full HD Res in EMC V8.x and can usually see up to 6 calendar events vertically in my Gmail Calendar.


Interestingly some months at the same Full HD res even though I only have 6 calendar events, EMC Calendar only shows 4 vertical events & the extra 2 more events underneath to click on to view ?. This happens from time to time. I don’t know what causes that anomaly but just happens some months.


In month view, if you click on a day and then use Ctrl + mouse wheel, you can reduce the number of rows shown, and thus increase the number of events that can be shown per day.


Brilliant!! This solved the problem completely for me! Many thanks!

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