Finding Sent Replies

When replying to a mail the received mail is annotated with ‘you replied to this message on…’ SOOOOOO much better if you could click on a link and go to the reply direct without having to note the date/time etc…

If you have either of the conversation settings turned on, you should see a link to that email in the message body:

Or expanded like this:

…and if you don’t? Hate conversation view… just a load of outdated stuff… don’t need it…

I am not interested in conversations in the message list, so I have Conversations in Message Details Only. Then there is a handy link for just this need you describe.

Hello Gorepe,

If you right-click on the sender’d address and choose communication history - this will show you a list of messages you exchanged with that person together with filtering feature. This might be used to find the replies easily.

I hope this helped you.

Yes, and you can also see the history in the sidebar, under Contact Details.

Thanks for the reply but the link only opens prior emails not one’s sent to the current mail…

Thanks, but it’s still clunky… Outlook just has a link in the ‘you replied to this’ message which takes you straight there… eMClient already has the message… just add the link! Easy peasy to code?

It should list all emails in the conversation.

Tab says eg ‘Show 3 older emails’…

And how many should there be?

The key word is OLDER! Doesn’t show replies to the message AFTER it was received… 

They are listed below the email.

I made a comment about this somewhere else that the order should be reversed with the newest on top.

I receive a mail on say July 4th and reply to it on July 6th… On July 9th I reopen the July 4th message (which says ‘you replied July 6th’) and click on the ‘Show older emails’ the reply on the 6th is NOT shown anywhere! It only shows history relative to the email opened NOT subsequent messages… Bored now… unsubscribing…

It should look like this in the message body:

See the older email on top (show older emails) and the newer ones underneath.

Hello Gorepe,

Thank you for your idea. I will add this to our idea pool so it will be considered for the next releases.