Find without push ctrl+E

Hi, i dont use for looking same mail pushing button ctrl+E . Is There function like Outlook ? Every i write on keyboard in active windows EMclient automatically searching for mail ( put these word “find” windows) without CTRL+E. Pressing CTRL + E is unnecessary i thing … and very annoying. Thank you.


Ctrl+E is a a shortcut by default set to Search feature. If you wish to disable it, you can do so in Menu > Tools > Accounts > General > Shortcuts.


thanks, but you dont understand me. I dont want use any shortcuts for Search …  in EMClinet windows ( wherever ) just typing any letters and them automaticali fill in Search “box” (everywhere in folders just typing letters+ENTER > Search active ). If i want find mail i want just typing words , no CTRL+E ( or any shortcuts ) push before. ( this does not apply naturally when writing mail ). Is this feature somehow configurable? Thank you ( sorry my english )

Hi Jiri,

Unfortunately, eM Client doesn’t have this feature yet and for activating the Search field, you have to press Ctrl+E or click on it. I’ll change this thread to Idea so other users might comment it and add votes for this feature request.