"Find" tool is not working

The “search” function is not seeming to work for me. I have tried searching for specific words by the magnifying glass above the inbox as well as the actual search tool. Any time I want to search for something, whether in inbox or sent messages, I need to go into gmail to do so. My account is a google hosted email address and I am using Windows 10 Home. Please advise! 

Hi Joseph,
do you have your gmail account in eM Client set to download all messages for offline use? If you do not, then eM Client only downloads the email headers to save time when synchronizing and to minimize the space used on your computer. But if you do not have this data downloaded, eM Client can only search through the senders/recipient/subject and not the full body of the email.
To set up downloading your messages go to Tools>Accounts and into the IMAP tab of your gmail account and check ‘Download messages for offline use’.


Thank you for the quicky reply, Olivia, that did the trick!