Find similar e-mails from sender through right-click menu

With many other e-mail apps like Gmail & Outlook it is possible to quickly find e-mails from a sender.

By clicking on the name of the sender, right click and then choose “E-mails from sender” it will show all the e-mails from that sender with the e-mail address used.

Now if I want to find a sender I have to go to the search bar and type its details manually.

In eM Client it is even easier than Gmail or Outlook.

Just select the right side-bar Contact section.


A single click shows all correspondence to and from that sender.

Hovering over a message in the list will give you a preview of the message.

Yes it looks like it.

I wanted to use this feature to delete e-mails from a specific person and then I encounter this.

If I am working in that right side-bar contact section and I start deleting e-mails from that person and the message I am deleting is the same as the one selected from the inbox section, the contact section view is changed with the next contact from the inbox.

So then I have to find another e-mail from that person again (search bar) to keep removing e-mails from that person.

There is an option that might work for you.

Go to the Contacts section of eM Client, and click on the contact (1). If you are in the People view (2) you will have a History tab (3) available. In that tab you will have all the messages (4) from and to that contact. You can browse through them and delete whatever you want without changing to another contact.

If I got it right, above described instruction doesn’t work for contacts which are not present in Contacts.

I have found out other way.
Right click on sender in preview pane. Select “Communication history”
New window with list of history appears.

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Ah, yes, you are correct.

But you worked it out with the right-click option. Thanks for that solution. :wink:


Is there a way to have the e-mail open in the e-mail panel instead of just showing the preview when I click on it?

Double clicking makes it open in a separate window but why does it not open in the main e-mail panel?