Find Emails

How can I know in which folder my emails are stored? I moved by mistake some emails to a folder but I don’t know which one and I cannot find them anymore. 

Is there a possibility to have the info if I search one email on the search tool to know where the email is stored? 

Thank you in advance. 

I have the same question. It would be very handy to see the folder in which the emails produced by a search command are residing!

If you use the view where the message pane is on the bottom, you can add the column that displays the folder.  If you do a search, it will display in which folder the found email is located.

One caveat-- Gmail only has one real folder, All Mail, all other folders are virtual, so gmail will only display All Mail (except for spam and trash, which are also “real” folders).  However, the category it displays will indicate in which virtual folder(s) it resides.