find does not search in email source code

When searching in the email folders I sometimes have to search for the sender email or his domain. The search function does not (always) find these strings. I’d suggest to add an option which allows to search for strings in the source codes of the emails, similar to a “grewp”.

We intentionally don’t do that because the speed of the search would be unusable for any practical purposes.

Note that there are provisions to do some slow searches, such as “from:*”, which will search for all mails with sender ending with “”.

I understand that. But could you provide a search for the sender domain and the sender ip?

Sender domain is easy-- “from:*” (no quotes) will search for all emails from the domain.  The search function makes good use of wild cards (* and ?).  The only thing you can’t really do in the search (except for header info) is a “NOT” inquiry.

sorry-- really should be *,

That was very helpful. Thanks.