find by right click

Right click menu of a mail folder or an account folder should contain the command Find. In my previous email client (Calypso/Courier) it was working so and I miss it very much. Two months of using emClient was not enought to forget this nice feature. Could You put it there, please?

I can add it to our official feature requests list but you can find in folders by our advanced search - you can select there current/custom/all folders to find.


Could You inform me about this issue? I am waiting for it very much but in 3.5 it is still not working (as much as I can see). That is what I wanted the most in the new version. Skype integration and similar useless things are not important for me.

we are trying our best to keep the application simple and easy to use. The feature you suggested is not a bad idea, but there is already the search bar on the top of application window and corresponding actions in main menu “Edit” fold. We do not plan to add the “Find” option to a folder context menu, as we want to avoid crowded look.
If you want to search faster, you can use our shortcuts “Ctrl + Shift + F” to open advanced search window and “Ctrl + E” to quickly access the search text box.


Thank You for Your reply.

Please let me disagree with You. :slight_smile:

The goal of the context menu is to collect the most frequently used functions available in a given context - now in a folder or in a complete account. I do not know the other users’ habit but personally I am trying to find old emails very often. So it would be really a must-have to find from the context menu

  • in that particular folder, OR
  • in that particular folder and it’s subfolders.

Some other commonly used softwares that have the “find” function in their context menu:

  • total commander
  • windows explorer
  • thunderbird
  • courier mail (my previous email client which I used for 13(!) years)
  • outlook express and outllok

So it is not so special request from my side, I think. :slight_smile:

My problem with Shift + Ctrl + F is that it’s scope is not always “Current folder” and there is no hotkey for “Within subfolders”. I have to take care of this setting and adjust manually if necessary.

Two possible solution would make searching much easier:

Two context menu items:

  • “Find in this folder”
  • “Find in this folder and subfolders”

One context menu item:

  • “Find in this folder(s)” and hotkey for a checkbox “[X] within subfolders”

I prefer the 2nd one.

People usually say if something is good then it is easy to get used to id. Well, I am using emClient for 9 months and could not get used to emClient’s approach. It is much more natural to

  • right click on the folder/account in which I want to search
  • type the searching phrase
  • check the “within subfolders” checkbox if necessary)
  • click on a folder to make it active
  • invoke a window (Shift + Ctrl +F)
  • type the searching phrase
  • investigate if the scope is set well
  • adjust to search only in that folder and not in “All folders” if necessary

Do You believe me? :slight_smile:

I would not waste so much time to convince You if it would not be really important.

I can’t help but this feature is still missing for me. I have been using emClient for 17 months but my finger still searches for the “Find” item in the local menu of an email folder.

It must be intentional that all other email clients works in that way. Only emClient is the exception.

I am sorry, but you are the only one who requires this feature. We have it in our feature request list, but its implementation depends on the number of customers who will require it.