Finally ditching Outlook

Came across eM while looking for an alternative to Outlook… needed something to sync to Gmail as well as work with a variety of other services… I think I’m in love… Beautiful interface AND it does _ EVERYTHING _I need…  Contact Sync, Calendar Sync…

yess very great. am in love with it too. And its much more faster than Outlook…

Outlook randomly became this resource hog that killed my i7 processor.  I don’t get it. Much happier with eM

ohh really ? So its better to use eM, yess

how big is your outlook pst? well i still can’t find a good replacement for outlook.

i have 9GB of outlook PST .

Hi Steven,

An Outlook PST file of 9 GB should not be a problem for eM Client.

how does emclient handle archiving

If you’re using a gmail account, you can use the gmail’s archiving feature from inbox, instead of deleting the email, click on the archive button and the email will be moved from the inbox folder to the all mail folder (archive). If you’re not using a gmail account, there’s only local archiving feature available in eM Client, which you can turn on in Tools > Settings, all your mail (according to settings) will be then archived locally in a local folder called archive.

Hope this helps,

In the end, I’m back with outlook.  One essential that is not in eM, is the ability to compress pictures, when placed into html emails.  I end up with emails over 30 Mb, when I create HTML mails in eM Client (I create HTML emails regularly through my home based business)…  Its a shame too, I loved all of eM client’s other features.

Sorry to hear that, if you ever come back to eM Client, let us know if you come across any questions or issues you might have.

Thank you,

Hi Shanghai ITAG,

Of course it will be convenient if eM Client would offer an option to make sizes of images smaller. I think in the future eM Client will also have this option.

Some alternatives have been mentioned in this forum before:

* use a graphics program to make sizes of images smaller (this will also save you disk space)

* use file sharing websites, like DropBox, SendSpace, OneDrive
advantage is that you just need to send a link in your e-mail: no long upload times and no long download times for your recipients (and it keeps the size of your and your recipients’ e-mail folders small).

* if I select a file in Windows Explorer and show the popup menu of that file (right click with your mouse), and I select ‘send to > mail recipient’, I’m getting a dialog which offers me to make the image smaller (I’m using Windows 8.1):

screen shot:

My answer . . go to your photo browser, select what pictures you want to send with the appropriate compression level, hit Send and, if you’re set up like me, you will then find emclient opens for you. Add or paste the text you want to accompany the pics and your issue is solved. PS I’ve been using emclient for 18 months and it really is cool. The Search options are great too.

and as I mentioned above, from Windows Explorer emclient can/will open ready for the message aspects.