Filter snoozed messages from search folder - Android

In Android, I created a search folder that includes the inboxes of selected accounts only. However, snoozed messages appear. A snoozed folder is created, but those messages still appear in the inbox. I don’t see a search variable to filter these.

Snoozed messages are still in the Inbox, but are just temporarily hidden from view in that folder. So in the individual Inbox for that account, they are hidden.

For a Search Folder, there is no option to exclude those hidden messages, so you will see them in the Search folder listed under the date they are are due to reappear (Future).

Yes, that is why I am requesting the ability to exclude them from search folder. I hate to pull the deal killer card, but it truly is. I have several accounts and need to exclude one from my regular use of the global inbox. I do this with a search folder as my main inbox to view. But the inbox (search folder) is then cluttered with snoozed messages!

Right. Better to mark the post as a feature request then, otherwise it appears as a question or issue. I have changed it for you.

Got it, thanks

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