Filter modification is lack of functions

I have made a filter very long time ago. It redirected all of my incoming mails from any social network site into a specific folder. The rule matched the following addresses:, …, and the destination folder was “social”. I called the rule also “social”.

Later I wanted to split the social folder into “social/facebook”, …, “social/twitter”. Therefore I removed some sender pattern from the old rule and created the new rules.

It was a pain to copy the email addresses from the old rule into the new one because there is no way to copy them through the clipboard. I had to retype each address manually which is quite risky in terms of mistyping.)

It would be nice to have the following possibilities:

  • copy a rule in textual form to the clipboard (in order to obtain the email addresses from it)
  • modify existing emails in a rule (i. e. the Searched Addresses dialog should have a “Modify” button besides the existing Add, Contacts and Remove)
  • duplicate a rule with new name (for splitting a filter in a similar case than mine, it could have helped)