Filter definition

Is there any way to define rules other than GUI, preferable in some text form (json, .config)?

I’m currently using Claws but had to migrate to Windows and the windows build is nowhere close to unix build stability-wise. So I’m currently looking for alternative to Claws and one of the most needed feature is detailed rule definition. I receive about 1000 mails a day and have dozens of active filter rules (and modify them frequently). I’m sure I could define them in eM ‘Outlook style’ GUI, but that would take me hours or days. I’m of course looking at PRO license, but eM is worthless to me if the current GUI is the only option to define filter rules.

Great idea, but unfortunately it is not possible to do that in eM Client.

However, you can export/import your Rules to an xml file. I suppose you could edit the xml file but it is not something I would recommend. I think it would be much faster to do it via the GUI.

Export/import in xml file is awesome. I completely overlook this feature. Having the rule itself as xml with escaped ‘’ inside the exported xml is not pretty but I can work with that. Thanks

One difficulty is that when you import the xml, it adds to the current list of rules rather than replaces them. So you either need to delete the rules in the GUI manually, or close eM Client and delete rules.dat in your database directory before the import.

Now if you could edit the rules.dat file that would be something!