Files lock up after being attached in eMclient

When I attach a .pdf file to eM Client, it locks up the file afterwards, so I cannot delete it, redo my scan to that name or anything else.
I either have to shut down eM Client or the computer to make the file available again.
This never used to be a problem till after the last update.

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Make sure you have the PDF closed before attaching the file to eM Client.

The issue has already been addressed, and a fix will be in the next release.

It is not a problem of an open file. It is a scanned file that was saved to a folder, and when it is attached to eM Client, it locks up the file in the folder so a scan with the same name can not be saved. It never was a problem with the old version.

Confirmed with newest 8.2.1237.0. It is critical to release locks. There are no fix for more than a month…

I can confirm that this issue has been solved in version 8.2.1435

This version is not available for Windows unfortunately, so the issue is still very much open for some users. I can confirm that it did not used to exist. Hope you get it fixed soon. Thanks!

It has been addressed and the fix will be in the next public release. Please check the Release History for any new versions.

Could you possibly post the link to the downloadable .msi file?
The release seems to be not displayed to others on the release page.

I looked at the Apple version, there seems to be an update on that side, but not on the PC side.

No, @Vladimir_Losinsky mentioned an internal version that may not be suitable for public use.

The latest released version will always bee in the Release History

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