FILES folder in eM Client so it shows IceWarp FILE/documents folder?

Sync with IceWarp Files folder.

Hi, can you please try specify this issue a bit more, what are you having issues is one of your IMAP folders not syncing or do you want an implementation an online storage folder?

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Hi Paul,

IceWarp server has a Files folder which you can use to store files. This folder can be accessed by WebDAV, eg[email protected]/Files/

IceWarp Desktop Client (emClient) accesses the Calendar and Contacts using WebDAV but currently does not have the ability to access (integrate) the Files folder into the Desktop Client interface.

Hi again,
unfortunately this feature is not currently planned in near future but we’re considering adding the feature in a long-term plan I understand some users would greatly appreciate this.

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll keep that in mind.

Also even though it would be nice to have this implemented, you can access your IceWarp files folder directly in windows just setup this as a remote folder, and it should be displayed as a native folder in Windows.

Hope this helps…
Thank you for understanding,

+1 for this as per Several users in icewarp forum requesting it also.

+1 for this for me too