Filering and sorting google contacts

Im using eM Client for working with google calendar and contacts in outlook style. Im really happy, that this works in eM client very nice. But I have problem with contacts. There isnt possibility to filter categories. Google adds every email address to contacts, so only one way I can see just my own contacts is to sort contact by category. But then it sorts contacts by surname and there isnt possibility to change it. Im sorting contacts by first name, so its not usable for me in this form. And after closing and reopening emClient, it doesnt restort sorting. Please, is it possible to do something to solve this problem? Thank you.

Hello, I have a solution for you.
In eM Client 3.5 (just download BETA 2, you can find link in this forum) you can create search folders also for contacts (and events, tasks and emails).


  1. Go to your gmail contacts folder
  2. Put this text to a search field: category:My Contacts
  3. Click on arrow on the right on the search field
  4. Context menu appears
  5. Select Create search folder
  6. Select a name (Probably something like Gmail Contacts)
  7. You can see a new folder in your contact folder list and there are only contacts
    that contains My Contacts category
  8. you can then sort your filtered contacts as usual

Tell us whether it was the intended behavior…

Thank you for your reply. Its not needed to do that in new beta version, because it remembers my sort after reopen app and there is possibility to change contacts display to First Name, Surename. But calendar doesnt work for me, I get exeption every time right after program start.

After few times turning it on and off I cant start it at all :frowning:

Does this happen with 3.5 BETA 2 or 3.0?

With 3.5 BETA 2. After some restarts it stopped. But I found another problem. When I want duplicate some appointment and I copy it using ctrl-c + ctrl-v to another day, it seems, everything is ok. But on web calendar I can see just new appointment and when I want to look at old appointment in emClient, it says, it had been deleted…

But now Im getting this error :frowning:

And it remembers, that I used gmail contacts last time, but it doesnt remeber, that I used gmail calendar last time. Co its always opaning local calendar, whitch is empty.