field definitions (map) for theme?

Is there a list of field definitions or map for the elements in the theme file? Would be much easier to work with than trial and error. Thanks!

Each section is labeled in the theme file, and each field has a description. Other than that, there is nothing. Sorry Dave.

Hi Gary - thanks for the reply - the problem is that although the field descriptions might make sense to the people who coded the app, the only way for anyone else to figure them out is trial and error.

For example:

Who could guess that “Color of a text in the bar with a basic information about the email” means the “From” and “to” text?

There are over 500 lines in the xml - that’s a lot of trial and error.

I like the app - and am pretty sure I’m going to migrate to it, just looking to finish tweaking the theme.

Thanks again!

Considering that it is in the  section, I think it makes sense as to what it is referring to. :slight_smile:

I do understand your frustration Dave, but unfortunately editing of Themes is not documented.

I agree about having to use trial and error. The other thing I wonder is if there are settings that are not in any stock theme file. Are there additional settings we can use?

I would assume that if it is not there in a stock Theme, it does not exist. Unfortunately Theme editing is not documented anywhere so there is no way of knowing.