Feedback on Version 8

I’m extremly unhappy with emClient Version 8.

  1. On startup it displays a “not closed correctly” and checks and “repairs” databases for minutes.
    Must I say that emClient was closed by clicking on ‘x’ in the upper left corner, a.k.a. “correctly”.

  2. The account icon/avatar is a completely useless and annoying waste of screen space. It cannot be disabled, not even by supplying my own, small, and invisible image.

  3. The supplied themes are either an eyesore or have suboptimal contrast settings like not-so-dark-grey on light grey.

  4. The theme editor seems to be NTSC (Never The Same Color). Select a theme, save it, import it, activate the imported copy and you get completely different colors.

My request: Please release an emClient Version 7 without annoying update checks. If this is not possible, I’ll reinstall my version 7 and hex-edit the update URL.

If you have a Pro License, you can disable the update check through your License Manager.

But even with a Free License, you don’t have to update. That is always your choice.