feature update plans for 2020?

Looking back, there have been feature updates here and there, but ver. 7 came out in 2016.  I am wondering if there are any plans to share what new features might be being worked on/planned/considered for 2020?  I love efficiency and I am constantly in review of my tools.  I spend hours a day communicating in email and I was aware that I was more efficient at some tasks using other tools.  For instance, when making a table in an email the column navigation is cumbersome, so I don’t send tables in EMclient like I would in outlook.  I like emclient and this company but they seem pretty quiet in general about what is upcoming.  updates == excitement!

whoops, just found this on the blog!  https://www.emclient.com/blog/new-year-and-new-em-client-are-coming-311