Feature to stop Junk mail from catching accepted or non Junk emails

Is there a feature or a way to stop Junk mail from catching accepted mails?

Hello Pkays,
What exactly do you mean with “catching accepted emails”?
eM Client doesn’t have a stand-alone antispam filter because usually the antispam on the server takes care of it. Instead, you can blacklist email addresses/domains of the received emails with right-click > Move to Junk and blacklist email/domain.


Hi Russel.

Emails from this address [loadshift@loadshift.com.au] use to go into inbox no problem till few days ago !!!

Now it’s going into Junk mail… How do I stop that please ???

Yours Cordially

Peter Bashkurt.

Hello Pkays,

please go to Menu > Rules > Local Rules > Blacklist rule and make sure that this address wasn’t accidentally added in the Blacklist rule.


For the past few weeks a very important clients emails have been going into Junk mail folder and i need to stop that happening. I followed the advice that you gave above on sept 20th but there is no such menu on my system as “Blacklist Rules”. Please advise.

If you don’t have a Blacklist Rule, then it is your server that is moving the messages.

You will need to login to their webmail interface, select the message in spam, and mark it as not spam. Thereafter the server should always leave messages from that sender in the Inbox.