Feature suggestion: automatically mark as read when email placed in Trash folder

I hope you will consider this.

Even when “Download messages for offline use” and “Mark messages read after displaying for 0 seconds” are set, there is often a short delay before the message goes to “read” status.  

When I’m ploughing through unwanted messages and deleting them, I often end up with several “unread” in my Trash folder, which I definitely don’t want.  

Please give us an option to automatically mark all messages as read as they are placed into the Trash folder.

That would be wonderful!

Thank you.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for the suggestion.

The program’s settings are this way in order to prevent moving unread messages to Trash by accident and then not realizing they are there. For now, we could suggest using the feature 'Mark All Messages as Read", accessible by right clicking the relevant folder (Trash included).


Thank you, Maurice.

I get your reasoning, and I completely understand the logic behind it.

I’ve noticed that this same request - or very similar variants - has appeared several times before, which does suggest an underlying issue somewhere.  It seems that the real problem is the delay in marking an email as “read”.

It takes well under a second to decide an email is spam and hit the delete button, and it seems that eM Client isn’t always able to keep up with the user, despite having the settings as described in the original post.

Could you perhaps persuade the developers to look at the root cause of this?

As a software developer myself, I have two suggestions.  Firstly, to investigate if there is any blocking anywhere which can cause a delay in marking a message as read even with the settings described above.  I wonder if it might be in the rendering of the downloaded images.  Perhaps the rendering could be offloaded to a background thread?

Secondly, for those users who prefer not to download the email body until it is clicked upon, allow them to delete a message before the body has fully downloaded, and in those circumstances only, consider that email to be read.

The reason I believe this to be feasible is because Outlook handles this scenario correctly, with far fewer (usually none) “unread” messages finding their way into Trash.

Oh, one final point: you could still implement the option as requested, but default it to “off”.  You could even show a pop-up (or similar) explaining the risk of setting it to “on”.  After all, it’s the user’s decision if they are happy to risk emails going to Trash that they didn’t actually read.  Personally I’d set it to “on”, despite the theoretical risk.

Thanks again, Maurice, for taking the time to listen.  It is very much appreciated.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for the detailed description of how to go about implementing this idea. For now, we can only promise that if it gains enough attention, the developers will look at it when considering new features.


Thanks, spartanhooah, for “liking” this.

Maurice: if you were to make this a user option that defaults to “off”, I feel sure that would address your concerns about accidentally deleting unread emails.

With a user option it would be up to the user to decide - you will still have met your moral obligation to default to a safe mode.


I agree with this suggestion. It is a pain to always be emptying the Trash folder as I hate seeing Unread message counts next to it. That an the not being able to see unread message counts in collapsed folders are the 2 things that might stop me using this program. But otherwise, pretty good.

I would like this option too!

Long overdue… make it an option and allow us to decide what WE want …

+1   +1

The updated eM Client V9.1.2053 for Windows and Mac just came out today via the version history page and has an option now in Setting under “Mail” to “Automatically mark as read” when goes to trash or spam folders. So suggest to get the new update which fixes this issue.

Note:- If you do upgrade, backup first via “Menu / Backup” and you can see when the backup is completed via “Menu / Operations”.

Lastly close eM Client before upgrading.

(eM Client Version History page)
Release History | eM Client 2