Feature Request: Sync attachments with google and outlook/exchange calenders

At work, I was used to attach all documents relevant to an appointment in my Outlook calender, so to have them handy on my smartphone/tablet during the meeting (using the outlook app). I can do the same with Google calender (with the Google calender app). The attachments are stored either on Google Drive or One Drive. For Outlook there is an add-on “gSyncit” that syncs the Outlook and Google calenders including attachments, so that attachments stored on Google Drive can also be accessed on the Outlook app.

I would like to be able to attach files to appointments also in emClient, so that they get stored in the appropiate provider’s cloud (ie One Drive and Google Drive). I could then access them during the meeting on my smartphone/tablet. It seems that emClient stores attachments to appointments only locally.

And once we are at it: it would also be nice to be able to sync emClient calender categories with Google event colors.

yes! I agree and would be fan of this

I personally don’t use Google or Outlook.com beyond testing, but I agree that these are useful and desired functions. You have my vote Pefunk.